Combine the Art of Salesmanship with the Power of AI.

Where Craft Meets Conversion. Turn Real Estate Conversations Into Commissions With Advance Technology & Timeless Techniques.

Experience the Perfect Blend of Age-old Techniques and Cutting-Edge Tech. Transform Every Real Estate Phone Interaction into a Winning Opportunity.

"In a world obsessed with quick clicks and instant messages, the dying art of phone sales offers the opportunity to set a unique pace, stand out from your competition and receive an unfair business advantage."


Crack the Code of Phone Sales.


Our Approach

Smarter Selling

Our cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence takes care of the heavy lifting in sales. The result? You can focus more on what truly matters - growing your business.

Our AI doesn't just streamline tasks; it optimizes your approach with precise insights and accurately predicts your sales outcomes.

Authentic Connections

We understand that traditional sales techniques can often feel a little 'salesy.'

We believe in the power of genuine interactions. We don't just teach you how to sell, we guide you in creating a customer experience that feels authentic and value-driven.

Accountability Metrics

We’ve developed a sophisticated system for tracking accountability metrics, providing a real-time pulse on your progress.

With constant monitoring and data-driven decisions, we fine-tune strategies for optimum results. Our aim is not just to help you reach your goals, but to set new, loftier ones - and then exceed them.




Pipeline Prophets Community

Online Community

Early Podcast Access, Q&A With Guests, Exclusive Monthly Trainings & Newsletter

Daily Access

Group Training

Free Sales Training

4 Core Trainings Available

We train your agents, for free.

Great for brokerage training, agent retention &recruiting, event, and/or sponsorship events,.


Phone Pro Lite

Self Guided Mastery to craft the perfect phone call every time.

  • Scripts

  • Note Taking Templates

  • Lead Qualifier Guide

  • Performance Trackers

Powered By A Money Back Guarantee

Phone Pro Core

Collaborative coaching on lead conversion to save tricky deals and boost your close rate.

  • Everything In Lite +

  • Live Call For Feedback

  • Advanced Objection Handling

  • Calendar Booking Intensive Training

Powered By A Money Back Guarantee

Phone Pro Premiere

Collaborative coaching on lead conversion to save tricky deals and boost your close rate.

  • Everything In Pro +

  • Extra Live Call Review

  • Follow Up Strategies Training

  • Live Automations Intensives

  • Plug & Play SOPS

Powered By A Money Back Guarantee

Our Team

Emma Pace

Ryan Wykes


"I was struggling as a solo agent. But with Emma's help, I was able to 20x my income this year!
She taught me how to become a problem solver
instead of just pushing products and helped me understand business and human psychology better.
I even understand myself better now! I'm so grateful for all the things she's helped me achieve

- Amir H, Toronto

"It's been six months since I started and I can confidently say that it has put me on a trajectory for great success. I've learned 10 times more than I did on my previous team and the training on the strategy calls has boosted my confidence to the point where I am now the authority and clients want to work with me."

- Julie Ruston, Toronto



Copyright 2023 . All rights reserved

Copyright 2023 . All rights reserved