Accurately track your Envato sales

The most advanced Envato sales tracking available on the web

Instant sales stats

Analyse and predict your sales on a daily, or even hourly, basis. Get rid of guesswork and start making informed business decisions.

Plot sales projections

View exactly how much income you can expect at the end of each month with predictions of total earnings, individual items and categories.

Overlay and compare sales

This is the first tool that let's you compare sales between multiple categories or portfolio items. Identify which products and categories to invest your time and resources into.

Follow your leaderboards

The 7-day sales leaderboard on your dashboard, gives you a one-glance view of which items are exceeding expectations or underperforming.

Benefit from market trends

Compare your performance with broader trends within the Envato marketplace and work out where and why your sales are growing or shrinking. COMING SOON

Easy-view email summaries

Receive a detailed report of your sales performance at the end of each weekd and month: including best sellers, best categories, total earnings and much more.

Analyse Stats

Take your sales to the next level

For the first time, lets you unpack your sales performance simply and accurately

  • Easy-to-understand breakdowns give you savvy insights into your business.
  • Visual reporting reveals which areas require focus.
  • Top-selling items or categories are highlighted month-by-month.
  • Predictive graphs let you anticipate earnings accurately.

Click to compare

Do direct comparisons between items or categories. Instantly decide which deserve your focus and which aren't as important.

  • Multiple comparisons provide a realistic view of exactly how well items or categories are performing.
  • Elaborate earnings reports help you identify which items deserve most of your attention.
  • Upload historical statements and compare any item or category since they were launched.
  • Define or zoom into timeframes for more detailed insights.

Works with all Envato marketplaces

You can track your data across multiple marketplaces, whether you sell items on ThemeForest, GraphicRiver, ActiveDen or any other of Envato’s sites.

Envato Marketplaces
Mobile Friendly

Sales tracking on the move

SalesGenius is mobile-first: a uniquely responsive web app that lets you login and view your sales anywhere, anytime.

  • Mobile-friendly sales graphs.
  • One-glance smart mobile layouts.
  • Uninterrupted mobile transference
  • Always available comparative data, 24-7-365.
  • Full desktop functionality available on mobile.
Safety Guarantee

We've gone to great lengths to ensure that your data is stored safely and securely. Only you have access to your information.

Privacy Guarantee

We are more aware than anyone that your sales data is private and for your eyes only and keeping it that way is our #1 priority.

Accuracy Guarantee

Thorough development and testing has produced a system where your data is always 100% accurate and up-to-date.

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