Combine the Art of Salesmanship with the Power of AI.

Where Craft Meets Conversion. Turn Real Estate Conversations Into Commissions With Advance Technology & Timeless Techniques.

Experience the Perfect Blend of Age-old Techniques and Cutting-Edge Tech. Transform Every Real Estate Phone Interaction into a Winning Opportunity.

"In a world obsessed with quick clicks and instant messages, the dying art of phone sales offers the opportunity to set a unique pace, stand out from your competition and receive an unfair business advantage."


Crack The Code To Consistent Commission Checks

Join Real Estate's Best Training Platform

The easiest and cheapest way to get the exact playbook that has allowed our $30,000 private one on one clients to 3x-5x their businesses in under a year for only $97 USD per month.


Our Approach

Smarter Selling

Our cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence takes care of the heavy lifting in sales. The result? You can focus more on what truly matters - growing your business.

Our AI doesn't just streamline tasks; it optimizes your approach with precise insights and accurately predicts your sales outcomes.

Authentic Connections

We understand that traditional sales techniques can often feel a little 'salesy.'

We believe in the power of genuine interactions. We don't just teach you how to sell, we guide you in creating a customer experience that feels authentic and value-driven.

Accountability Metrics

We’ve developed a sophisticated system for tracking accountability metrics, providing a real-time pulse on your progress.

With constant monitoring and data-driven decisions, we fine-tune strategies for optimum results. Our aim is not just to help you reach your goals, but to set new, loftier ones - and then exceed them.




Pipeline Prophets Community

Online Community

Early Podcast Access, Q&A With Guests, Exclusive Monthly Trainings & Newsletter

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Group Training

Free Sales Training

4 Core Trainings Available

We train your agents, for free.

Great for brokerage training, agent retention &recruiting, event, and/or sponsorship events,.


Pro Group Coaching

Collaborative coaching to build a lead generation and conversion machine to generate more commissions regularly!

  • Full Marketing Training Suite Including How To Run Paid Ads

  • Professional Sales Training Mastery Suite

  • Systems & Operations For Real Estate

  • Basic AI & Automations For Real Estate

  • Live Accountability Calls

  • Live Marketing Review Calls

  • Live Sales Review Calls

  • Industry Leading Training & Community Platform

Powered By A Money Back Guarantee

Premiere Private Coaching

Private coaching and group masterminds to allow you to scale your lead generation and conversion machine seamlessly!

  • Everything In Pro +

  • Live 1-on-1 Calls

  • Done For You Marketing & Ad Set Ups

  • Custom Marketing Plans

  • Live Automations Implementation Masterminds

  • Done For You Systems

  • Advanced Done For You AI

Powered By A Money Back Guarantee

Our Team

Emma Pace

Ryan Wykes


"I was struggling as a solo agent. But with Emma's help, I was able to 20x my income this year!
She taught me how to become a problem solver
instead of just pushing products and helped me understand business and human psychology better.
I even understand myself better now! I'm so grateful for all the things she's helped me achieve

- Amir H, Toronto

"It's been six months since I started and I can confidently say that it has put me on a trajectory for great success. I've learned 10 times more than I did on my previous team and the training on the strategy calls has boosted my confidence to the point where I am now the authority and clients want to work with me."

- Julie Ruston, Toronto



Copyright 2023 . All rights reserved

Copyright 2023 . All rights reserved